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The Writing Portfolio of Les Howarth

Past. Present. Future.

The following is a collection of my writing projects.

Each piece is very different in style and content and represents my interests at different times in my life.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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Earth from Spaceship

December 2001

A new scientific analysis of UFO sightings, alleged alien abductions, animal mutilations and crop circles

What are the best explanations that we obtain when we apply techniques used to analyse the Apollo XIII problems to unexplained phenomena?

What is the probability that aliens really are to blame?

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February 2003

The Search for the Truth Continues

It is probable that the superstitious people in the Middle East who wrote down their theory on how the universe, Earth and life were formed about 4,000 years ago were largely ignorant of the sciences of cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, paleontology and geology, etc.

Genesis 2.0 provides a review of published scientific evidence that leads to a personal presentation of an updated version of the story of how the universe was formed from a quantum vacuum through to the origin and evolution of life from chemical processes.

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Star Formation

March 2002

Ingredient Information for Thousands of Commercial and Historical Beers

This is not a recipe book. It is a database of ingredient information that should assist the home or craft brewer in creating their own recipes in order to attempt the replication of commercial beers, many of which are no longer in production.

This book is currently in its third edition.

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